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Jessie Kirk Photography specializes in portraits for high school seniors, families and creative professionals. Based in Milwaukie, Oregon. 

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About me

As the editor for a small newspaper, I served as the sole writer and graphic designer AND photographer. Suddenly, my lifelong passion for photography turned into a must-have skill for my job, and I threw myself into learning everything I could. My experience means I spent years learning how to take photos that tell stories. And I'd like to tell yours. 

Not only is Jessie an instant friend to everyone she meets, she leaves lasting impressions through her outstanding photographs. I wish I could relive all of my memories through a Jessie photo — happy, bright and captured just at the right moment. Jessie’s passion for creativity never seems to end. Thank goodness. I wish she could just follow me around on my next vacation. Jessie, where should we go?
— Nicole DeCosta,